What is Transformational Coaching

“My mission in Life is not merely to Survive, but to Thrive” – Maya Angelou

Do you feel you get by day to day but you’re not really excelling ? Or perhaps you’ve reached a plateau and you want to move on to the next level ? If so I can coach you to reach your full potential and thrive.

Whenever you want to achieve more in life it makes sense to get a coach. Weather it’s about being the best actor you could be or you are looking to get better at dating or you want to achieve financial freedom it makes sense to have a coach.

Coaching is now more and more recognised as an essential element in anyone’s personal and professional development. Most major companies have their leaders coached. Anyone who is truly successful has a coach. Of course you do not need a coach to survive but if you want to do more than that and if you want to manifest your dreams as fast as you can it would be very wise to have one.

If you want more than just survival, if you want to expand, feel the full force of what you can be, if you want to fully express yourself  and achieve more than you know you are capable of, if you want dreams to become a reality and get to the end of your life with no regrets for what could have been then a coach will be very useful to you.

Make Your Dreams a Reality with a Coach

Whether you are a sport person, a high achiever already, an entrepreneur, a performer, or someone just starting out you will benefit from coaching by achieving more of what you thought possible. 

Some possible scenarios: 

  • you want to take the first steps at becoming self employed
  • you want to get more confident at meeting people of the opposite sex
  • you want to take your business to the next level
  • you want to find out what you truly want to do in life.
  • you want to have a more inspired life
  • you want to free your creativity and be a better musician, writer, artist or performer
  • you want financial freedom and you want to be able to work from anywhere in the world

No matter what your goal is I am here to tell you the truth no-one else is prepared to tell you. I am here to help you develop so you have more success and have better results. 

In order to engage in this process with me you need to :

  • Commit to the goal you choose and the process of getting there. 

How does Coaching differs from Therapy and what is Hypno – Coaching ?

​Traditional coaching does not use hypnosis so if you find it difficult to answer certain questions or you are unsure about your actual goals this can be a difficult obstacle to overcome. Hypnosis turbo charges coaching, as it allows us to tap into the power of the unconscious to unlock your inner resources and get at those ever elusive answers directly.

Coaching is not therapy and my coaching differs from my therapy sessions. Although both hypnotherapy and coaching are used to help people achieve their goals by tapping into the power of  the unconscious, hypnotherapy can be very directive and only deals with therapeutic issues while coaching is all about helping you find your answers to take your life to the next level. Although therapeutic issues may surface during our coaching sessions they are not our main aim.

How do I know if coaching is going to work for me?

​Before you commit to coaching we need to have a conversation to find out whether we are the right fit for each other. There are as many different styles of coaching as there are coaches and as much as you may be selective about the type of coach that is right for you I am  selective about who I take on as a client.

This is because when I am your coach you become one of the most important people in my life and I will invest huge amounts of time and energy into our meetings so I want to make sure we will be successful.

What to expect in your first Breakthrough Coaching Conversation

The very first thing to do is to get in touch with me today so we can arrange a time to talk and explore possibilities. Enjoy a coaching session with me where we will : 

  • Explore your dreams, Talk about possibilities. Find out what you really want.
  • Discuss what would serve you best and go through some options for going forward.
  • Create a crystal clear vision of the ideal lifestyle you want to manifest
  • Uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your growth and holding you back from success
  • Problem solve, create life landscapes, lighten up, feel energised and inspired
  • Connect deeply  and learn what it means to be truly alive.
  • Find the best in yourself
  • Achieve regardless of your age
  • Take action, Stay focussed
  • See problems as amazing opportunites to learn
  • Create success, know success, assume success
  • Be fearless
Coaching spaces are limited and only available to selected clients. Find out more info now !
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