WOW! Walk Off Weight Program

Lose Weight Without Dieting !

Diets don’t work. They just foster a deprivation mentality. So how do you lose weight fast and naturally?

There is no secret to losing weight. The Formula is simple and straightforward:

Burn more calories than you consume. It really is that simple!

So what has stopped you losing weight so far? The answer to that is fairly simple as well. Chances are you are still overweight due to one or more of three factors:

  • Your diet
  • Lack of Exercise
  • Lack of motivation / willpower / unconscious blockages

For 3 years now, Walk Off Weight groups in the Lothians have been running during the summer months in conjunction with Liz Stewart and Leigh Payne. I am glad to announce that I am now running this program in the Edinburgh region. For more info visit The Official Walk off Weight site

So How is WOW different ?

Walking –  For the 9 of the 10 weeks on the course I will accompany your group for an hour of walking in the Edinburgh region. Walking is simply one of the easiest and most beneficial forms of exercise and is suitable for all stages of fitness.

Coaching – Each week I will coach you through conversation tackling any negative or incorrect thinking that holds you back from losing weight – alongside this you will have been provided with the WOW manual which gives you details on how changing the way you think will change your weight, and how to get motivated to stick with your healthier lifestyle changes.

Hypnotherapy – At some point (usually nearing the end) of your 10 week course, you will be taken in your group for a group hypnotherapy session. Hypnotherapy is widely used in weight loss to reprogram your mind and remove unhelpful beliefs and blocks that prevent you from being the weight you want to be.

WOW is truly holistic, working with your body and mind. We do not give dietary advice, or ask that you take part in a calories controlled diet. We simply believe that diets don’t work because they feed a deprivation mentality. However we do ask that you eat sensibly and make healthy choices. 

Walk Off Weight – Group Sessions

Our groups vary from a minimum of 4 to a maximum of 10. This way you get value for your money and a support network of people who understand what you are going through. Due to the small number of participants you also get individual attention and the possibility to discuss your situation with the coach while doing exercise. The groups meet every week for an hour at the same time for 10 weeks. Sharing your experience with others makes it easier to get through difficult stages and remain positive and focus on what you want!

Walk Off Weight – Individual Sessions

Whether you work different hours every week, cannot commit to a specific time and date or feel better having one on one relationships this option provides you with the same benefits of the group sessions with the extra attention that comes from having an hour dedicated solely to your specific needs. In addition to the extra  support you get from individual coaching you can also take advantage of the flexibility that being able to choose times that suit you gives you.

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