Online Weightloss Course

Shed your extra pounds and keep the weight off !

lose weight fastStop Dieting ! Do Something Different !

You can lose 500 gr (1 lbs each week)  if you follow my “rules”.

You probably know already that diets do not work: they only promote a deprivation mentality that only fosters dysfunctional reactions.


What you really need to do to reach your goal weight and maintain it is make permanent lifestyle changes.

Let me help you re-think your relationship with food, exercise and body image.

While there are two major factors in managing your weight such as

  • portion control and healthy eating
  • exercise

at times you may find that although you “consciously” know what is best for you , you just seem to be stuck in your old eating habits. This is when hypnotherapy and coaching can help.


  • over-eat
  • eat “junk” food
  • don’t get enough exercise
  • Eat to relieve negative emotions 
  • Keep falling back to your old bad eating habits despite your best intentions 


This course includes

  • 4 Hypnotherapy sessions
  • NLP techniques to change your negative behaviour
  • Self Coaching skills training
  • EMDR and EFT to eliminate cravings
  • Stomach shrinking technique
  • Free Subliminal mp3 download (CD retail value £15)
  • 1 hour of free individually tailored support (via email)
  • Referral to coordinated personal trainer services if required
  • Information on why diets fail and how to lose weight fast and safely

Investment:  £ 125

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Kickstart your new life now: find out now what are the 5 most successful habits to lose weight.