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How to make it work for you

Not long ago the medical profession was still practically unanimous in denying the possibility of mental healing. Then the doctors began to admit that such methods might occasionally relieve a few nervous and functional disorders. Today many begin to acknowledge that even stubborn organic ailments such as cancer are sometimes cured by mental means without the use of drugs or surgery.

If sometimes, why not always? The honest answer to this is that there are certain rules by which mental powers are to be used. Some are understood, some are yet to be discovered.

Obviously the most important of them is to do with mental attitude. Subconsciousness is always easy to manage and never resists our efforts to control it. The reason why sometimes it seems stubborn or resistant is that whenever you think of it as stubborn or resistant you are giving yourself the suggestion that it is and of course it immediately plays up to your suggestion until you give yourself a strong and definite counter suggestion.

The same can be said for expressing doubts regarding the effectiveness of hypnosis and of your suggestions. To be in doubt , to be anxious about results, to indulge in many repetitions of your suggestions is to express a pattern of your fears instead of a pattern of your expectations. So take care to always express perfect confidence in the powers of subconsciousness and to never try to “put it to the test”, for if you do you are bound to fail. A positive mental expectation, positive thinking, and faith are all good ways of making sure you are going to make hypnotherapy work.