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If you find yourself in between projects, ideas, careers or life stages this workshop is for you. Embrace the in between period and explore potential paths forward.

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My Example

Every time I do these workshops these days, I've got my cat with me, she seems to be attracted to the workshops and wants to participate. So let's welcome Bubulina as well. And if you are on Instagram, you'll notice I'm in the woods. And if you are on Facebook, you'll notice I'm not in the woods, I am in my studio at home.  Now, today, we've got a really cool practice. And this is week eight of the dare to be to dare to create workshops. And today it's all about entering the threshold.

So if you find yourself in between projects, careers, maybe stage of life, well, this workshop is for you. So this is about embracing the in between periods, and exploring potential paths forward. Now, what's led me to come up with this is that recently, I was working with a client, who was a designer, who was not sure was considering whether to move on into a different area in his profession.

And he almost said made a decision to do that. But there was a certain visitation. So we did this exercise together. And we noted that he felt a tug backwards towards his current job. And this led him to question whether he really wanted to leave. And he then explored ways that he could learn new skills while remaining in his present position.

So myself, I also am in a period of transition transformation, dropping some projects taking on new projects. And while navigating this time for myself, I came across the concept of liminality. This is a concept that was developed by anthropologists Victor Turner tuner sorry, as a means of describing the the middle stages of a rite of passage. 

So a liminal space is a space in between, like Limbo, if you like, the word itself, comes from lemon, which means itself threshold. And so things like doorways, windows, portals, rabbit holes, wormholes, caves, they're all symbols of thresholds, their physical thresholds, they all represent a link between different worlds. And mythology, the hero or the heroine has to pass through this threshold in order to transform from their current state into who they're becoming and into a new life, a new symbolic life, if you like.

So, this exercise that we're doing today wants to acknowledge that often we do find ourselves in between projects, in between careers and between ideas, or life stages. And in our culture, these periods of transitions aren't really celebrated.  In fact, we tend to try to rush through them, we tend to emphasise always productivity and for momentum and go go go.

And it can actually be scary or challenging to give in to embrace if you like these periods of liminality. Okay, but these in between time can be a very open fertile space to explore potential ideas and potential paths forward. Now, my name is Elisa Di Napoli. My artists name is Elyssa Vulpes. In case you've heard both of those names, that's what they're about.  And I am a creative coach with experience across a wide range of platform of art forms, including music, writing, photography, collage, and I've got ditional training and hypnotherapy and a BA in comparative religion.

And my life has been full of twists and turns and changes and change of careers. Few dark nights of the soul. You can believe me on that and I make music and I Practice as a holistic hypnotherapist, and in my coaching practice, I help creatives get their projects out into the world. So they can share their gifts and shine their own unique light into this world, which definitely needs it right. 

So if you find yourself at a point of transition doesn't matter whether you are in our system not. But you think that it's not okay to be in between. If you think you need to be productive all the time, what happens is that you may lose an opportunity to find a different, more fulfilling path ahead. And you may just stay with the familiar, right. And that would be a shame.

So before we get on with the practical side of this workshop, I just want to check in with you. So if you can hear me see me, just give me a little wave. And we can go ahead and maybe just tell us what kind of transition you find yourself in. Just write that in the comments. And let me know when you're ready to begin with this from the practical side.All right.Just going to refresh this page, make sure that I can see your comments. Taking a while. Here we go. Yes, we are live great. Oh, here we go had different careers and have a hard time to anchor to the next one.

Yeah. had different careers. Right. So Charlotte, this is a good a good opportunity for you to explore, perhaps, where you want to go next. No pressure, though, are we gonna get plenty of time. And we've got designer saying where and how to take my music out into the world. Yeah. Okay. So if you're ready to step ahead to, to get into the nitty gritty of this. Let's do it. So what I invite you to do first of all is a strange as I may sound, choose a door wherever you are. So if you're standing in the living room, or your studio or your bedroom doesn't matter, just choose a door where you can still hear me, but you can stand there. Okay. 

And obviously, I'm not going to ask you to let me know because that's pretty difficult. But I'm going to give you a second to find the door. And when you are there when you found your door, what I invite you to do is to just stand there, nice and straight, relaxed. But I invite you to close your eyes. And to take a few deep breaths with me. First of all, we'll go into a bit of relaxing, guided, short guided meditation to help us to relax and get in touch with the deeper mind.

Okay, so what I invite you to do is to first of all, take a deep breath through your nose, count into four hole in and then on the outbreath Just give me a big hot sigh like just letting go of the day does four letters, shoulders drop down.  And then again, pushing out all of the air breathing through the belly, filling up that belly. Just stopping for a second and this time as you breathe out. Just breathe out through the nose mouth close nice and long out breath, see if you can really allow all of the air to leave the lungs so your lungs are going to be completely emptied of air and then  Take another deep breath in through the nose, keeping your mouth closed, holding on to that breath for a second or two and then exhale.

Now we're going to take three more deep breaths and this time as you inhale next time, I want you to imagine that you're inhaling a column of energy That comes from the centre of the Earth. And it's travelling up all the way from the centre of the Earth and is entering your body through your pelvis. It's travelling up through your belly, it's travelling up through your heart, it's travelling up through your throat, and all the way up to the centre of your head, and hands you excel. Allow yourself to let go of any tensions in the body and in the mind any to do lists any worries. Just imagine that these are flowing out of your body from your fingertips from your feet into the ground back to the earth. And perhaps this energy you could visualise in different colours as you breathe in. What colour

Do you associate with calm, tranquillity and relaxation. And as you breathe out, which colour  Do you associate with all that stuff that you don't want, that isn't not needed right now. For me, often, the energy coming in as white, then I imagine all that yucky stuff, leaving the body all that tension as a brown or black kind of energy a little bit like doing the dishes and then watching the water flow down the sink will never to come back again.

So keep on breathing for just a few more moments like this, really intentionally inviting, calm and relaxation in your body and mind. And letting go of any remaining tension in your body and mind, when each and every out breath that you exhale.That's good. Just notice your feet planted firmly into the ground, like the roots of a tree, throwing up that energy from the earthand just embrace the sensation of being on a threshold. Right now this threshold is physical threshold, which could also be a different kind of threshold. Maybe still a door or maybe an archway or some kind. Maybe a driveway or a gate. Whatever makes sense to you. You are in no space or another. Not one room or another. You could turn around and go back to where you've just come from or you could choose to step forward. And I'd like you to just acknowledge the pressure to choose to step forward or back and just let that go. For now, there is no need to do anything.

It's okay to just be here. So just feel what it's like to be in this place right now. to notice what these spaces around you perhaps look like or feel like in your mind's eye. Your eyes closed. It's different, isn't it? You get a different sense, perhaps a deeper sense. Just notice colours. Notice if it's warm or breezy, any objects that appear just stay here for a little while. know when it's okay to just explore the in between relaxing in the threshold.  Well, if you're ready when you're ready, become aware that at some point not necessarily right now. But at some point, the transition will end, any transition.

And an a new beginning starts. Now, I want you to imagine if you will, that this space that you're in, right now, it's on a rotating platform or some kind or rotating platform. And I'm going to count backwards. And I invite you to count with me in your own mind, from 10, all the way down to one. And when we arrive at zero, the platform is going to stop.  So let's begin 10 nine, eight, I wonder platform stops at zero, it will deliver a new space 7654321 let that news space begin to move on just the platform comes to zero right now. And now. Just imagine that you could open your eyes.

In this world. You're keeping your eyes shut, but you're now seeing or sensing a new space. Just notice what this space looks like. A new possibility for you. A new direction. A new project idea. Whatever it may be, allow yourself to just intuitively for now, assign a project, an idea or a new path to it. Maybe it's a new career. Maybe it's a new way of doing things.  Just notice what it is and take notes of it. Notice whether you feel a physical pool towards this space.

Now we're going to put this space on one side knowing it's over there. And we can come back to it anytime. But for now, let's step back on that platform. And we're going to spin it around again a couple more times. So once again, as I count back from 10, down to one, just count with me in your mind. And when we get to zero, the platform will stop again, and a new place a new space will emerge will be delivered. So let's start on 10. Nine, eight, 765.  4 3 2 one. And zero, the platform stops again.

And there you are, a new space in front of you. Notice what it feels like what it looks like. What does this space represent for you in this moment, just intuitively, trusting yourself. Whatever comes to mind, is the right thing. For now,once again, assign intuitively either a project or career an idea, a way to do things a new path to this particular space.Just notice whether you feel any pool, any physical pool towards this place is in space.

Just make a note of it. We're gonna come back here and just put it to the side. Once again, stepping back on that platform. We're always back on that platform watching these spaces from the platform. And now this time one last time we're going to do this again.  So you know what to do. Just count with me from 10 all the way down. When we reach zero the platform stops and deliver a new space. Just trust whatever emerges. So, let us do it. Number 10. platform begins to move.

Nine Eight. There you go. Nice deep, relaxing breaths. Ah letting go Seven. Six,  5 4 3 to all the most Slowing down one. And on the Z row, the platform stops once again. And you find yourself facing a new space. Once again, just notice what is in front of you, what are you seeing, hearing, sensing? imagining? What are you doing? What is around you? What does it feel likea new direction, a new possibility.

And again, a sign, perhaps a project, a way of doing things and idea, a new pathto this third space. And just notice, notice whether you feel a physical pool towards this space. Now when you're ready, take a deep breath in. And on the exhale, ima I invite you to allow all of the three spaces to appear one next to the other, or however they want to appear, so that you can be aware of all of them right now.

Just experiencing what they look like, what they feel like what they are,where they are. And I just invite you to notice whether you feel a physical pull towards any of these places. And if so, which one is stronger? No one, it's okay. If you don't, whatever you feel is fine right now, just notice. But if you feel a pool that is stronger, then I invite you to allow yourself to literally walk over the treshold into that space. to literally take a step. Whether it's forward, back, sideways or up wherever you need to get into that place, cross that threshold right now and just feels what it's like to do so.

And if you need more time, if this is not quite the time for you accept that that's okay, too. Whatever you are experiencing. I invite you to embrace it. And really allow yourself to feel what it's like to be where you are right now. And then when you're ready, but only when you're ready. Then I invite you staying in the space where you're at the mindfully Open your eyes walk towards a place where you can either write down or make a drawing about your experience about what you felt what you saw what you sensed how it felt.

And I'll give you a few minutes to do that. And you can begin to do that now, when you're ready. And if so you can keep on writing or drawing after this workshop is over two, of course, but I'll just give you three minutes to do that. And really just capture the essence of what you've experienced. Starting now.  Okay, 30 more seconds. That's it. And now, if you feel like it, I would love for you to let me know what that was like. Or if there's anything you'd like to share, then I invite you to share it with us and this on the comments.

Just so that I'd love to find out how it went for you. But also know that you don't have to, if you don't want to or you're not ready. This exercise is very good to just get into your own internal space if you like and feel free to repeat it. If you feel that you benefit from that. So there's going to be a recording of this on the database in community and on my page, there coaching anybody therapy, so you can always go there. And watch it again. 

I also posted on my website hypnotic coder, UK shortly. And so I can't see any comments. So that's okay. I invite you to keep on rolling, keep writing, if that feels like something that isn't finished quite yet. And feel free, I'd love you to share your experience on the database in communities or just head on over on there to be seen community or calm and just write a comment.

And maybe, if you have a drawing you can share with us again, don't have to, but I'd love to see it if you want to. And if you are a person who struggles with getting your creative projects out of your head, into the world, or if maybe you feel sidetracked easily, you don't know how to what to prioritise, or you feel blocked in any way.

Don't know how to get to get your ideas flowing.  Know that I can help you, I'm here and just get in touch with me. You can message me, or you can just go on my website hypnotic eating dot code at UK and apply for a free kick start your project session or the link is just here on up here. above my hands, or simply get in touch with a message. All right.

Well, I hope that Oh, oh, here we go. I did get I did get some messages. So let's see. So Susanna, saying, Give up, give up expectations and play and start with one thing in the world one step at a time. I think that's really important about expectations. Because funnily enough, you know, sometimes we think that if we don't expect things, and we're not going to get anything, but sometimes I think expectations really get in the way. And then we get we can get really disappointed very quickly and then not not move at all.

So I do. Yeah, I do think Thank you. Susanna saying is interesting.  Thank you for supporting this process. Well, I am really glad you're here because of course, this is nothing without you guys. So thank you. And it was a pleasure. And Charlotte says, I cannot say where it brings me but I allow it to be a start. Yeah, shallot, you know, sometimes you need a bit more time, I myself, I'm gonna listen to this again, do it, maybe you need a bit more time to relax a little more. Because it is a workshop. We can't spend the whole half an hour relaxing at the beginning. 

But actually,  I would suggest that if you feel pressured in any way, it's probably because you need a bit more relaxation time at the beginning. So you know, listening to a guided visualisation or something like that, or simply taking deep breaths for 10 minutes beforehand and then sticking on the video can be a better idea. or sitting down first doing the and then standing up mindfully, you know, that could be another way. But again, no pressure, you know, it takes the time it takes so thank you so much for being here and I'm here every Sunday at 7pm UK time 11am PST, yes and to be EST. So, whether your Facebook or Instagram, join me. I'd love to see you next week. And see you soon. </div>

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Elisa Di Napoli is an artist coach, author, hypnotherapist, multi instrumentalist, and podcaster. She specializes in helping creatives bring their projects to life, command the stage and magnify their presence so they can share their gifts with a larger audience. Best-selling author of “Dare to Be Seen” she has been featured on radio and podcasts, and her articles have been published on blogs and online magazines. Elisa's background in comparative religion, music, and acting allows her to offer creative strategies for her clients, while her motto “dare to be seen” urges them to shine their light on the world.


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