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Session 1: Calming The Body and Mind

Lesson 5 Module 2

Do This First

  1. Watch the video
  2. Listen to the Transformational Hypnotic Audio Session
  3. Complete the Homework
  4. Complete the Challenge 
  5. Complete the Quiz and get points!

Listen to your Transformational Hypnosis Audio for 7 days or until you notice results.


After you’ve listened to the audio session for a few days, you can begin maximising your progress by putting into practice what you have learnt and reinforcing subconscious learning with conscious choice. Try the following:

  • Practice diaphragmatic breathing (see above for description or listen to the audio provided for detailed instruction) for a minimum of 1 to 5 minutes a day, lying down with your legs and arms uncrossed. Always breathe through your nose.
  • When you feel the anxiety creep in, stop whatever you are doing, tap the side of your hand lightly repeatedly and say: “Even though I am… (nervous, anxious, or scared) I deeply and completely accept and love myself anyway.” Do this by tapping on the ‘karate chop point’ of the hand.

Complete Your Action Steps

  • Watch the video
  • Listen to the Hypnotic Session
  • Complete the Homework
  • Complete Challenge 3


(Premium Members Only)

What is the biggest challenge that stands in your way to

achieving the goals you set out in Unit 1?

What do you think you need to change in order to overcome it?  

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