Stage Presence

Bonus Audio Session 2: Letting Go of Fear of Rejection

Lesson 4 Chapter 2 Module 1

Get ready to listen to your transformational hypnotic audio recording.


After listening to the recording above, look at the mirror and say to yourself:

“I am enough”. 

If any objections come up, write them down. Then pretend you are in a court of law and you are the defendant lawyer. Write down the objection to that objection and keep going until there are no more objections.

For example:

Affirmation: I am enough.

Objection: No, you’re not. You are lazy. You never finish what you start.

Objection to the Objection: That is not true. I finished school. I completed all my assignments and passed my exams. I didn’t finish the university course I started because it was not the right course for me.

Practice praising yourself daily. Pat yourself on the back, and celebrate every little success. Make yourself feel good about the effort you are putting into projects. Focus on efforts rather than results.


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