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Hypnotic Healing has been operating for over 20 years. First based in New Zealand it has now been established in Scotland for the past 8 years. Therapy and coaching takes place at the South Side Centre in Causewayside and occasionally at the Life Academy Wellbeing Centre in Edinburgh. It is also possible to have coaching sessions online. 

If you are thinking of turning your life around without spending years in psychotherapy you have come to the right place.

Using integrative hypnosis, neurolinguistic psychology and mental health coaching I offer individual session, group classes, talks and shortly online courses. 

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How I work

I combine Positive Psychology, Eastern Philosophy, NLP, Personal Development Coaching and  Clinical Hypnotherapy with a holistic approach to shorten your path to better living. I aim to facilitate self-change by aiding you in your personal evolution so you may empower yourself to fulfil your true potential.

As a hypnotherapist and coach working with a pluralistic and integrative model, I believe you are the expert of your life and the answers you seek lie within you. 

My role is to help you become more aware of what motivates you, gets in your way and what will help you move forward when you feel stuck. I will offer suggestions and facilitate practical exercises that can help you resolve your difficulties in your everyday life.

My approach is collaborative, multimodal and integrative. I don't believe in one size fits all approaches. I don't start from a method and try to fit it to you. I start from you and what you need and I tailor sessions to you adopting a wide selection of methods and techniques from my expertise in different fields.

This results in highly personalised therapy that will empower and engage you in a way that you find motivating.

My training is extensive and diverse. As well as being a coach and hypnotherapist I am also a performer, a writer, and a musician. After completing my undergraduate studies in Comparative Religion and Philosophy I trained in Advanced Hypnotherapy and started my practice.

Over the years I trained in Art and Creativity, Performing for the screen and theatre, and completed a Graduate Diploma in Electronic Music Performance.

My love for music, writing, and performance has grown alongside my therapy practice and I became particularly interested in helping people overcome stage fright after suffering and recovering from it using hypnotherapy.

I trained further in Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy,​ Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), EMDRHypnotic Coaching and keep up with therapy developments regularly.

What I offer is a genuinely caring non-judgmental relationship with you where you can feel safe to open up and share your experiences and needs. I offer you support as well as practical ways of processing what needs to be expressed for growth to take place. I also offer you insightful guidance when required and I am not afraid to gently challenge you when needed.

I am able to help with a range of issues but in particular, I have specialised and have extensive experience with overcoming performance anxiety, developing stage presence, confidence in job interviews, public speaking, exams, auditions and anything related to performance. 

I also specialise in increasing motivation, productivity, effective goal setting and discovering life purpose especially for creatives and those wanting to rediscover their creativity.

I look forward to helping you work through your present difficulties and to grow further. Ask me anything on REDDIT

My Philosophy

Throughout my life learning has been my priority because I believe in the power of expanding my understanding of reality through knowledge as well as personal experience.  

As a result, I have traveled around the world and lived in many different countries and define myself primarily as a seeker of inner truth and wisdom.

As well as being a hypnotherapist and coach I am also a musician, performer, and writer and I use theatrical improvisation to aid my own creative and personal development. You can find my music here

My interests are wide and include philosophy, comparative religion, alternative forms of healing and spiritual development.

All in all I try to keep an open mind as well as good judgement in all matters so as to utilise all the tools I have acquired in my life to develop clarity and help others do the same.

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My Qualifications

BAHonours in Comparative Religion by SOAS, The University of London

Diploma in Advanced Hypnotherapy by Hypnotherapy Institute of Northern California

Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma by the National Hypnotherapy Council (UK)

Diploma of Hypnotic Coaching by Anglo European College of Therapeutic Hypnosis

Graduate Diploma Electronic Music Composition and Performance by Victoria University of Wellington (New Zealand)

Diploma Art and Creativity by The Learning Connexion (Wellington, New Zealand)

In addition to this I have studied EF as well as Cognitive Behaviour Hypnotherapy with the Anglo European College of Hypnosis (UK) and I am dedicated to attending regular CPD courses in this fields.

I am an accredited certified member of NCH , The Hypnotherapist Register and I undergo regular confidential supervision with the Lothian Hypnotherapy Network

I work online as well as at the Southside Therapy Centre in Edinburgh Scotland and I am the creator of free online personal development youtube channels Holistic Hypnotherapy NLP and Coaching and  “Be Your Own Guru”

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100% money back guaranteed

I believe working with me will transform your life more than you ever thought possible. I am so sure of this that I will refund you 100% of your Hypnotherapy or Coaching Package if I believe, after our first session, that I cannot help you. You will still have to pay for your consultation but the rest of your money will be fully refunded. 

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