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Hypnotherapist and Personal Coach Edinburgh

Have you ever considered hypnotic healing as a process to help you achieve your goals and get permanent results?

Do you suffer from: 

These and many more issues can be dealt with successfully within a few sessions. Therapy does not have to take years. When you know how the mind truly works and how to influence it effectively you can achieve anything. 

Hypnotherapy is different from other forms of psychotherapy because it deals directly with the subconscious mind. Talking therapy can be useful to unburden yourself and have a listening year.

Hypnotherapy is more direct approach where we explore the causes of your symptoms so that you can let go of old conditioning.

Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching with Elisa Di Napoli

Combining hypnotherapy with life coaching is the most powerful and effective way to overcome long standing issues.

While psychotherapy and counselling can take years to bring forth results I can help you to move forward in your life in an average of 4 sessions.

This is possible because contrary to public opinion the mind is not complicated. When you understand the fundamental 6 rules of the mind you will be able to overcome any obstacle and achieve whatever you want.

Understanding is power. And transformational hypnotherapy can give you that understanding. When you combine understanding and action the sky is the limit.  

I have seen people transform before my very eyes time and time again. This is what makes my work so satisfying. I want to help you 

If you are not sure whether I can help you with your issue give me a call and I will be happy to discuss your case with you. There is no better time than now to take your first step towards wellbeing.  

Find out more about available treatments here.

About the Sessions

  • Format: individual
  • Age Specialty: Adults and teens from 12 years old onwards
  • Demographic Specialty: Buddhist, Pagan, Women
  • Subject Speciality: Anxiety , self esteem, confidence, trauma, performance
  • Treatment Approach: Cognitive Behavioural, Compassion Focus Therapy, Control Mastery, Eclectic, EMDR, Hypnotherapy, Integrative, Jungian, Solution Focused, Human Givens, Brief Therapy, EFT, Rapid Transformation Regression Therapy and Coaching.
  • Approach Description: my approach is integrative and pluralistic. I tailor sessions to the individual and offer any modality that I intuitively feel is going to be most beneficial to the specific situation, issue and goal you present.

Holistic Therapy Treatments

What is Holistic Therapy ? Holistic health is a concept in medical practice upholding that all aspects of people's needs, psychological, physical and social should be taken into account and seen as a whole. Holistic health therapy also implies that disease is a result of physical, emotional, spiritual, social and environmental imbalance.

 As such holistic therapy treatments come from the philosophical standpoint that each issue must be seen in relation to the whole person, her relationship to herself and the wider world. 

For example, holistic therapy for depression would not only focus on the symptoms of depression and its chemical causes but would attempt to put it within the context of the individual's wider experience of life and its relative aspects.

Begin your journey to well-being -  arrange an appointment with your holistic hypnotherapist and coach in Edinburgh now.

Personal Coaching 

Coaching is about empowering you to get clear on goals and setting up strategies that help you achieve them.

Coaching is about stopping letting excuses get in the way and eliminating the roadblocks to success so you can get the career you always wanted. 

It is about committing to your objectives in a way that will radically change your life in the next year. It is about stepping out of your comfort zone to drive you towards your dreams. 

Success is about mindset and action. If you want to build something you need to envision it first. You need to identify what needs to be done and find out what obstacles stand in your way. Finally you implement the strategies needed to make your goal a reality.  

To successfully move forward you need to identify your limiting beliefs, and break your habitual negative patterns. Finally you will choose to adopt empowering beliefs that make success not just possible but inevitable. 

With this new psychology in place results become permanent and long lasting.

I have helped hundreds of people change their lives forever. I want you to be one of them. Find out more about coaching here.

Or If you are looking for a psychotherapist in Glasgow please find out about Eric Medcalf whose services I recommend. 

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