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Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner,Performance Mindset Coach, Author and Singer-Songwriter.

Hi, my name is Elisa Di Napoli. I have helped hundreds of people change their lives. I want you to be one of them!

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Tired of Debilitating Anxiety?

Struggling with low Self Esteem and Confidence?

Feeling like you are not good enough?

Afraid of speaking in public or nervous during presentations?

Cannot have a good night's sleep?

Want to Stop Smoking Forever?

  • These and many more issues can be dealt with successfully within a few sessions. Therapy does not have to take years. 
  • When you know how the mind truly works and how to influence it effectively you can achieve anything. 
  • Hypnotherapy, NLP and Hypnotic Coaching are different from other forms of psychotherapy and coaching because they deal directly with the subconscious mind.
  • Traditional therapy can be useful when you need to unburden yourself and want a listening ear. My direct approach explores the causes of your symptoms at a deeper level so you can let go of old conditioning fast. 
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Hypnotherapy with Elisa Di Napoli READ MORE

Holistic Clinical hypnotherapy combined with NLP is the most powerful and effective way to overcome long standing issues.

While traditional psychotherapy and counselling can take years to bring forth results I can help you to move forward in your life in an average of 4 sessions (plus consultation). 

This is possible because when you understand the fundamental mind hacks for communicating with your subconscious you can overcome almost any obstacle and achieve what you want. 

Transformational hypnotherapy combines understanding and action making the sky the only limit.
I have seen people transform before my very eyes time and time again. This is what makes my work so satisfying. I want to help you do the same. 

If you are not sure whether I am the right fit for you schedule a Free Discovery Call so we can discuss your case.
There is no better time than now to take your first step towards wellbeing.

Find out more about available treatments here with Elisa Di Napoli  or learn more about hypnotherapy here. 

Life Coaching with Elisa Di Napoli READ MORE

Coaching is about empowering you to get clear on goals and setting up strategies that help you achieve them. 

Coaching is about stopping letting excuses get in the way and eliminating the roadblocks to success so you can get the career you always wanted. 

It is about committing to your objectives in a way that will radically change your life in the next year. 

It is about stepping out of your comfort zone to drive you towards your dreams. Success is about combining mindset and action. If you want to build something you need to envision it first. 

You need to identify what needs to be done and find out what obstacles stand in your way. Finally you implement the strategies needed to make your goals a reality.

To successfully move forward you need to identify your limiting beliefs and break your habitual negative patterns.

Finally you will choose to adopt empowering beliefs that make success not only possible but inevitable. With this new psychology in place results become permanent and long lasting

Find out more about coaching.

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Holistic Therapy Treatments

What is Holistic Therapy ? Holistic health is a concept in medical practice upholding that all aspects of people's needs, psychological, physical and social should be taken into account and seen as a whole. Holistic health therapy also implies that disease is a result of physical, emotional, spiritual, social and environmental imbalance.

 As such holistic therapy treatments come from the philosophical standpoint that each issue must be seen in relation to the whole person, her relationship to herself and the wider world. 

For example, holistic therapy for depression would not only focus on the symptoms of depression and its chemical causes but would attempt to put it within the context of the individual's wider experience of life and its relative aspects.

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As you can read in the testimonials and reviews, hypnotherapy works when nothing else does.

About the Sessions

  • Format: individual
  • Age Specialty: Adults and teens from 12 years old onwards
  • Demographic Specialty: Buddhist, Pagan, Women
  • Subject Speciality: Anxiety , self esteem, confidence, trauma, performance
  • Treatment Approach: Cognitive Behavioural, Compassion Focus Therapy, Control Mastery, Eclectic, EMDR, Hypnotherapy, Integrative, Jungian, Solution Focused, Human Givens, Brief Therapy, EFT, Rapid Transformation Regression Therapy, Hypnotic and Traditional Coaching and Counselling.
  • Approach Description: my approach is integrative and pluralistic. I tailor sessions to the individual and offer any modality that I intuitively feel is going to be most beneficial to the specific situation, issue and goal you present.



Quality Guaranteed

Not every hypnotherapist is the same. Anyone can call themselves a hypnotherapist, even people that have no client experience and who have only attended an online course. You would not trust a brain surgeon with no officially recognised degree or experience would you? Check out my qualifications here.

Some Reviews clients have written about Elisa Di Napoli

Christine Frayling-Kelly
Christine Frayling-Kelly
10:46 19 Jul 18
I consulted Elisa about my fear of flying. Very impressed by her thorough preparation (questionnaire followed by an exploratory discussion) after which she took a much more holistic approach. Elisa provided me with a range of tools to choose from in order to deal with problems in a variety of situations. We had four hypnotherapy sessions which were recorded for practice at home. That was and still is particularly helpful. - There is a lot to take in at first and quite a commitment to practice regularly but the effort is well worth it. - I highly recommend Elisa. She is insightful, experienced, intelligent, professional and generally a person I felt I could thoroughly trust.I did fly and reckon I have moved on from a phobic to a nervous flyer.read more
08:01 04 Sep 18
Elisa taught me what years of psychotherapy did not -- she taught me how to understand my anxiety and retrain my thought patterns. We worked together for a month and I made consistent breakthroughs during that month to overcome my anxious thoughts. I am now confident in myself that I can control my anxiety, thanks to Elisa's therapy. She recorded every session so I have her recordings on my phone whenever I need them. That's extremely valuable! I highly recommend booking a session with Elisa if you are struggling with anxiety and panic disorder but feel completely lost.read more
Dora Anderson
Dora Anderson
15:49 03 Sep 18
I was always interested in hypnotherapy but I was not sure it was going to work on me. So, when I had a sudden onset of fear of flying, I thought I'd give it a try. With Eliza's help I made real progress after only 4 appointments! If you're dealing with something similar then I definitely recommend you see Eliza. She will teach you ways to calm your mind and get over your fear.read more
Kevin Casson
Kevin Casson
17:34 11 Jul 18
Wow, i am so glad that i chose Elisa to help me with several personal issues. I was surprised how well and quickly the hypnotherapy worked which goes to show how gifted Elisa is.I would have no hesitation in recommending Elisa's services, if you are thinking about it, rest assured you will be made to feel at ease while Elisa helps you along the path of self improvement.read more
Calum Neill
Calum Neill
19:24 09 Jun 18
I was fortunate enough to have a series of hypnocoaching sessions with Elisa over the course of the last six months, which were enjoyable and incredibly enlightening!There were so many positive aspects to the coaching it’s difficult to know where to start….Firstly, the depth of experience Elisa brought to our sessions was palpable and it was evident at all times that she was drawing on various techniques and previous experiences to specifically meet my needs and bring new clarity to my life and work. I was also particularly impressed by the way in which she helped me to stick to a focus while simultaneously listening to and responding to my specific situation and changing requirements. I felt that Elisa struck the right balance between offering guidance and encouraging thoughtful reflection. Finally, and most importantly for any kind of coaching, I felt that Elisa was warm and caring, in addition to being a very professional individual and I found that this truly aided my journey. I really feel that through Elisa’s coaching I have made many valuable self discoveries that will help me go much further towards my goals and would wholeheartedly recommend her to those seeking a coach or hypnocoach.read more
Tom Hawkes
Tom Hawkes
15:59 20 May 18
I've noticed I am calmer around authority figures and more comfortable. Also I've found I'm less critical of myself and more willing to work hard without fear of failure. And I'm happy to have made these changes just before my last year of uni when things will be hotting up.read more
Annmarie Jamieson
Annmarie Jamieson
14:23 02 Dec 18
Elisa is a skilled hypnotherapist who has the ability to help her clients focus on what’s limiting them and to move forward in their lives.read more
17:39 16 Jan 19
These sessions showed me the underlying issues that I had. Elisa made me feel normal and understood.
Emma Bathgate
Emma Bathgate
21:25 29 Mar 19
Elisa could not have been more helpful. I approached her when I was at the end of my tether with anxiety while driving. In just a few sessions, I was much more confident - taking on motorways, exxploring new places and even driving in Edinburgh city centre! The mix of coaching and hypnosis is really effective, and Elisa has such a friendly yet professional manner. Would recommend.read more
Claire Wolstencroft
Claire Wolstencroft
13:03 29 Jul 19
One of the best decisions I have ever made was choosing to go to Elisa for hypnotherapy. I went to Elisa earlier this year to help with public speaking and some general self esteem issues. Within 4 sessions these problems had mostly vanished.This experience has truly helped change my mindset and as a result i feel better equipped to deal with various challenges in the future. As long as you are willing to be honest with yourself and put in the commitment to following her advice, I believe anyone can see huge results with her methods. I can't recommend her enough.read more
Sarah Robertson
Sarah Robertson
10:30 05 Sep 19
I really enjoyed my sessions with Elisa and found her to be incredibly warm, caring, thoughtful and understanding. We worked together to help me prepare for a future pregnancy after experiencing five consecutive losses. Within one session I felt I was able to let go of the blocks associated with one particular loss, and in subsequent sessions more complicated emotions such as fear, guilt and shame started to lift. Each week I stuck with the homework, which was an important part of the healing process, and in the sessions I was open and honest. I’m so grateful to Elisa for helping me shift to a much better place emotionally, mentally and physically, and I now feel safe in the knowledge that no matter what happens in the future I'll be okay. I'd happily recommend Elisa to family and friends.read more
Iain Christie
Iain Christie
19:02 11 Sep 19
Elisa has a vast amount of knowledge and experience and is able to translate that into developing insight and resolution of issues. She was able to help me change me way of thinking for a healthier outlookread more
23:22 29 Sep 19
Elisa was brilliant. Very easy to talk to. You helped me alot. Thank you
Alex Marten
Alex Marten
11:24 26 Nov 19
I'd had hypnotherapy to stop smoking before, but kept relapsing so wanted to try something different. Elisa was brilliant; I found her approach to be much better to previous treatments I've had in that she really tried to understand my relationship with smoking on both a positive and negative level. She then used this knowledge to tailor the hypnosis to me personally. By the end of the session, I found myself literally jumping with joy at the thought of giving up smoking, and I honestly can't imagine myself ever starting again. Highly recommended 🙂read more
David Inglis
David Inglis
10:40 18 Dec 19
My son and I both pick and chew our finger nails. I've tried to stop for 20 years with marginal success. My son's nails were disappearing. I've delayed writing this review because I can hardly believe the results, and I felt like we would eventually regress. It has now been 4 months, and we are both doing great. We've stopped destroying our nails. Elisa was great. super professional, but also friendly.read more

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